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Riem de Wolff and Windfall - Crying in the RainWINDFALL a Dutch country band-  is still going strong after more than 30 years on the road.
The band was founded in 1977 when the Rock & Roll band The Shaking Spiders from Oudewater (NL) decided to stop and some members still had the intention in making different kind of music.

After countless gigs in clubs, festivals, TROS-radio, KRO-radio, Veronica television en several local radio stations, in 1994 they released their first album "No Covers", an album with only own-written country repertoire.

From that period until now Windfall released 4 CDs from which some of the songs were re-released by the American Comstock label.
One of these tracks, Steppin' on a Satuarday Night, reached the American Country Review Top 40 nr 4 in the charts).

Because of their various repertoire -modern country music with once and a while a little side step to the sixties - Windfall is one of the most popular country bands in Holland and Belgium.

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