Riem de Wolff

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After his brother's death (December 2000) Riem wanted to stop performing.

During the following period Riem he realised what 40 years of Blue Dimonds ment for many people.
A good reason, not only to look back but also to look foreward and to start a new carreer as a solo artist.

Since 2001 Riem ‘s performing solo (with tape) or live with a band (a.o. Of Course).
On stage he brings a various show with many of his ‘golden’ hits.

At the end of 2005, 45 years after Ramona, a new album will be released.

Bookings   : Kwekel Evenementen
                  51 Smitsweg
                  3222 AG Hellevoetsluis
                  Phone: + 31 181 324310