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After his brother's death (December 2000) Riem wanted to stop performing.

During the following period Riem he realised what 40 years of Blue Diamonds ment for many people.
A good reason, not only to look back but also to look foreward and start a new carreer as a solo artist.

Since 2001 Riem ‘s performing solo (with tape) or live with a band (a.o. Windfall).
On stage he brings a various show with many of his ‘golden’ hits.

At the end of 2005, 45 years after Ramona, a new album will be released.

The Blue Diamonds are two Dutch brothers Ruud en Riem de Wolff.
The Blue Diamonds were exponents of the famous Indo-rock scene, the cradle for all Dutch rock music way back in the 50's.
Inhabitants of the former Dutch colony Indonesia mixed their rural musical influences with the new rock & roll from the US.

The Blue Diamonds covered many Everly Brothers songs, but became really famous with an up tempo version of a musical song, 'Ramona'.

After his brother died Riem didn't want to perform again.
Under pressure from his fans, in 2001 Riemed changed his mind.

Together with his son Steffen he founded The New Diamonds.

In 2001, he recorded the album ‘Out of the Blue’ with his son Steffen as The New Diamonds.
A 'tribute' album to his brother with duets, together with Steffen and many other successful colleagues he met during his career.

This 18 track album contains three emotional songs, written by Riem and Steffen;
"Blauw genoeg geweest / Out of the Blue" (a farewell song to his beloved brother), "Sixty-4" (the house they grew up in) and the significant song "Back on Track" (after a remark from his wife: so, you're back on track).

The typical, special New Diamond Sound is also surprising in five re-arranged aold hits as; "Little Ship", "Sukiyakí", "Breaking up is hard to do" Bob Dylans "I shall be released" and a complete different version from "Ramona".


9 surprising duets

Other songs of this album are nine re-arranged duets with Riem's friends (and colleagues) like Willeke Alberti (Let it be me), Lee Towers (All of me), George Baker (Skinny Ginny), Rob de Nijs (Oh Carol), Johnny Lion (Your mama don't dance), Anneke Grönloh (Love me with all of your heart), Mariska Veres (Close to you), Oscar Harris (Sunny) en George McCrae (Quantanamara) singt.

All the songs belonged to the Blue Diamonds repertoire.

During this project Riem made a tour with his son Steffen as the New Diamonds.

The album was released in many countries (in Belgium a.o. with Rocco Granata).
Many demands for shows followed (also from other European counties).